Bringing it All Together.

Every aspect of Frisco Station was carefully planned to enhance the well-being of our visitors, residents and employees. By integrating healthy living design principles with medically-based wellness programming, Frisco Station becomes a unique place that simply helps people feel better.

Wellness-Enhanced Development

Frisco Station is planned around a comprehensive Wellness Platform, setting a new standard as a healthy live, work and leisure development.


Cutting-edge technological infrastructure and compact urban design support healthy choices. The modern amenities, flexible workspaces and vibrant economic climate make Frisco Station appealing to forward-thinking businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to established corporations.


Innovative programs and facilities inspire fitness and collaboration. The resulting culture permeates everyday life, encourages social interaction and inspires employee creativity and productivity.


The beautiful parks, trails and natural setting make Frisco Station an environment that fuels the mind and refreshes the spirit. Outdoor amenities inspire activity and on-property wellness, fitness and medical care offerings make it easy to attract and retain employees seeking a healthy and balanced lifestyle.